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The next DPS classic. The DPS Wailer 106 has been tested all over the world and celebrated as the ski that makes you a better skier. My first choice for a day out in powder! The bamboo core model is extremely versatile and well-controlled in all kinds of conditions. It puts a smile on my face every time. Julian Lill - Keller Sports Pro


DPS presents Phantom technology: a permanent formula that need only be applied once. It goes all the way through to the base of the ski, so you never have to wax it. This patented formula creates a hydrophobic layer between the base and the ski itself, improving the ski's glide.


With the Foundation series, DPS has taken one of the most advanced ski constructions in the world to the next level. This ski uses a bamboo core to achieve the ultimate smoothness and agility. The special flex enables easy turn initiation, while the ski itself allows a big pressure build-up and powerful steering from mid-turn to turn completion.



The F106 benefits from an updated rocker and a longer edge, resulting in extremely good grip and smooth steering. Both features also make the ski feel better fitted onto the ski boot, so you get drawn into the full depth of every turn. This is a high-precision ski that loves speed and can master every terrain.

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  • Réf produit: WSKDP014000
  • Identifiant Fabricant A178W106
  • caractéristiques de manipulation Freeride